Fun Stuff


U.S. State Quizes
Test your state knowledge with one of our exciting new quizzes: State facts, State Capitals, State Trees and State Nicknames.

Daily News Quiz
See if you’re up-to-date with the latest news events around the world. Read the New York Times, and then test your knowledge.

Name that Bug
Get your kids excited about learning with fun bug games and activities.

Games & Activities

Family Activities
Activities for the family to do together.

Crayola arts and crafts, and more.

Sesame Street
Sesame Street activites and games.

PBS kids
Activities from your favorite PBS kids’ shows.

Where children have fun learning to read.

American Girl
Enjoy fun in all sorts of ways: games, quizzes, and more activites.

Kids’ Think Link
Hear what kids like you are saying all over the world about music, sports, and the latest trends and fashions–articles in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Wacky Web Tales
Create your own hilarious story by simply filling in the blanks. Lots of stories to choose from and will help you learn the parts of speech.

National Geographic: Kids–Explore:

Guinness Book of World Records
This site is a favorite. There are tons of amazing and mind boggling records. You can even make a record attempt of your own.

A fun colorful interactive site filled with cartoons, lots of games, and contests.

Name That Candy Bar
So you think you’re an expert on chocolate? Then see how you do by matching these inside pictures of candy bars with their names.

Kids Fun Page
Tons of arcade-style games as well as educational games like “Grammar Gorillas” and “What’s the Word?” There are also links to other fun sites for kids.

It’s My Life
A great site for kids who want help with managing their time, and have difficult questions about things like divorce, drugs, and depression.