Health, Fitness and Sports

Health & Fitness

American Childhood Cancer Society: Helping millions of children beat childhood cancer.
American Pregnancy Association: Information on pregnancy, infertility, adoption and child development.
Alzheimer’s : Information about Alzheimer’s.
Arthritis : Information about arthritis.
Baby Zone: Customized pregnancy calendar, pregnancy, infertility and adoption information
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Health news, information and statistics in English and Spanish.
Diabetes : Information about diabetes.
Harvard Health: Health Information and Medical Information
Health Finder :National Health Information Center.
Healthline: Medical Information & Trusted Health Advice
The Health Magazine: Provides you health information about Health & Wellness, Vitamins, Supplements and Herbs, Diet and Nutrition.
KidsHealth Pages for parents, kids and teens. The kids and teens sites have interactive quizzes.
Mayo Clinic: Patient care and health information
Med Line : Information on health topics and drugs.
Med Line pregnancy information.
MedicineNet: Read doctor-produced health and medical information
NIH Senior Health : Site published by the National Institute on Aging. Users can adjust the type size and contrast.
NIH : Health topics for all ages from the National Institutes of Health.
WebMD : Covers health-related issues. : The Office on Women’s Health (OWH), part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), works to improve the health and well-being of all U.S. women and girls.


Baseball : Information on teams and players of Major League Baseball
Basketball : Information on teams and players of the National Basketball Association
ESPN : Source for sports news and the latest scores
Football : Information on teams and players of the National Football League
Golf : Information on golfers and tournament news. Official website of the PGA of America.

Hockey : Information on teams and players of the National Hockey League
Soccer : Information on teams and players of Major League Soccer
Sports Illustrated Kids: Sports news from CNN and Sports Illustrated Magazine

Tennis : Information on tennis players & tournaments. Official website of the US Tennis Assoc